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Samsung PS42P5H 42インチ ブラック プラズマパネル

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製品コード :
PS42P5H show
Plasma panels have fairly large pixels and are therefore mostly available in large sizes. These screens are flat and thin and their main advantage over LCD screens is that colours look the same, regardless of the angle from which you are viewing the screen. Plasma panels are very well suited for use as television or for displaying information and ads in public spaces.
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製品名(詳細版) Samsung PS42P5H 42インチ ブラック プラズマパネル :
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PS-42P5H - 42" 16:9 HD READY PLASMA TV

Samsung PS42P5H 42インチ ブラック プラズマパネル:
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Large Slim Screen - Stylish and Space Saving
Ranging from 42” up to the World’s largest 102” Screen, with a width of only 94.4 mm, SAMSUNG’s Plasma Display Panels allow the viewer to experience the ultimate in Home Entertainment without compromising space and style.

HD Ready Panels - The Ultimate Visual Experience
SAMSUNG possesses a range of PDP TVs 42” – 102” which are High Definition Ready. These new standards in TV have an improved resolution of up to 1366 x 768 meaning more visual information on the screen, resulting in the best image you the viewer have ever experienced.

Integrated Digital Tuner - Greater Choice of Channels
Samsung’s 42” PDP TVs possesses integrated digital terrestrial tuners. This allows the viewer to access over 30 additional TV channels, without need for subscription, now available from the Freeview digital broadcast network. The addition of a CI slot also offers the viewer the opportunity to upgrade to a pay TV provider if desired.

Wide Viewing Angle - See The Action Wherever You Are
The SAMSUNG Plasma Display Panel technology allows the viewer to clearly see the on screen action up to an angle of 175 ° .

High Brightness & Contrast - Avoid Eye Fatigue
With 1,500cd/m 2 of brightness and a contrast ration of 10,000:1, SAMSUNG’s Plasma Display Panels are always easy on the viewers’ eyes.

Fan-less Ventilation - Improved viewing environment
The fan less ventilation of SAMSUNG’s Plasma Display Panels eliminates high noise output, whilst also preventing picture distortion often associated with fan ventilation Plasma Panels.

Auto Pixel Shift - Prevent Image Screen Burn In
An ongoing problem with both Plasma Displays and Conventional TVs is image burn in. This occurs when a single image is displayed continuously on the screen over a long period of time. The result is burn in of the image into the screen itself, thus degrading viewing. SAMSUNG’s Plasma Panels incorporate auto pixel shift technology. The picture automatically shifts by 1 pixel in all directions every second, non visible to the naked eye, thus preventing burn in.

HDMI Digital Connectivity - Perfect Audio Visual Reproduction
Many of SAMSUNG’s Plasma Panels posses the cutting edge HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). This new connector allows easy one cable connectivity from PDP to peripheral products and transfers 100% of the data thus providing the perfect sound and vision experience.

XGA PC Ready - Screen Flexibility and Convenience
SAMSUNG’s Plasma Panels are both High Definition TV and PC Monitor ready. This allows the panel to be set up primarily for TV use, whilst at a flick of a switch can be transformed into a PC monitor for business applications.

Panel Pivot - Multi View Capabilities
Any layout, any where. The screen can be used in landscape or portrait format. Simply invert the panel into portrait format and the image will automatically invert itself.

Picture in Picture - Graphic Freedom of Multi Tasking
It allows 2 application images on the screen at one time (e.g. Excel spreadsheet with TV programme on view in top right hand corner). This inset picture can be moved to any where on the screen dependent on the viewer’s preference.
サマリー(簡略版) Samsung PS42P5H 42インチ ブラック プラズマパネル:
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Samsung PS42P5H, 106.7 cm (42"), 1024 x 768 ピクセル, 16:9, 1000:1, 1100 cd/m², 3D
製品概要(詳細) Samsung PS42P5H 42インチ ブラック プラズマパネル :

Samsung PS42P5H. ディスプレイ 対角表示領域: 106.7 cm (42"), ディスプレイ 解像度: 1024 x 768 ピクセル, アスペクト比: 16:9. オーディオシステム: SRS TruSurround XT. Telテキスト: 2100 ページ. 消費電力 (スタンバイ): 3 W, 消費電力(標準): 370 W. 横幅: 1083 mm, 奥行: 86 mm, 高さ: 647 mm

こちらはSamsung PS42P5H 42インチ ブラック プラズマパネル に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。



ディスプレイ 対角表示領域 *
106.7 cm (42")
ディスプレイ 解像度 *
1024 x 768 ピクセル
アスペクト比 *
コントラスト比 *
ディスプレイ明るさ *
1100 cd/m²
SRS TruSurround XT
2100 ページ
HDMI ポート数 *
I/O ポート
RF 3 x Scart 2 x Component (Y/Pb/Pr) 2 x Video In 2 x S-Video In PC In (D-Sub) Audio Out
消費電力 (スタンバイ) *
3 W
消費電力(標準) *
370 W
横幅 *
1083 mm
奥行 *
86 mm
高さ *
647 mm
重量 *
34 kg
プロダクトカラー *