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DELL SonicWALL Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal

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Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal
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Software that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and that notifies the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) in case of outages. It is a subset of the functions involved in network management.
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Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal, 5 Users License, PC, Win

DELL SonicWALL Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal:
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With business boundaries extending around the globe and the walls of traditional offices crumbling, network administrators need a complete security solution that protects both the corporate network and mobile users from malicious intrusions.

SonicWALL has developed a distributed enforcement architecture to extend corporate security to the mobile desktop through the Global Security Client. This seamless software client provides security for data transmissions and email, plus robust monitoring and management capabilities for the IT staff at the central office.

Residing on the mobile user’s system, the Global Security Client automatically communicates with a company’s SonicWALL gateway back at headquarters each time an individual logs in to the network. Prior to allowing network access, the gateway automatically updates the Global Security Client with the latest security policies and software updates. No prompting or intervention is necessary by either IT staff or the mobile worker—the process is completely seamless.

Through an easy-to-use Web-based user interface, the SonicWALL distributed enforcement architecture offers security professionals the capability to manage a mobile user’s online and network access—based upon corporate policies—in order to ensure optimal security of the network and maximize network resources. Mobile workers and telecommuters can be organized into adaptable groups with differing policies at a granular level, even down to the individual IP address. The Global Security Client is a flexible, cost-effective solution for security administrators looking to extend network security and control to the mobile workforce.

Key Features & Benefits

- Multi-pronged Protection. The SonicWALL Global Security Client extends the boundaries of security by protecting the corporate network and remote/mobile workers from malicious attacks that occur over the Internet through integrated client firewall technology.

- Enhanced Application Security. The SonicWALL Global Security Client provides an additional layer of security by protecting businesses against legal liabilities that occur when employees accidentally or intentionally run applications from the Internet that have been designated as “untrusted” by the network administrator.

- Policy Management. The SonicWALL Global Security Client enables network administrators to create, distribute and manage global security policies for remote and mobile users from a central location. Once a new policy has been created, it is seamlessly distributed to every system on the network with no end-user interaction required. Configuration options include specifying the minimum application version, policy levels and behavior for clients not in compliance.

- Gateway Enforcement. The SonicWALL Global Security Client is enforced at the gateway, ensuring the end-user’s system is in compliance before access to network resources is granted. Users without the Global Security Client installed on their system are redirected to a download site where they must install the client before being granted access.

- Scalable Architecture. The SonicWALL Global Security Client features a unique client/gateway enforcement architecture that delivers comprehensive security, scaling from individual telecommuters and mobile workers up to larger, more diverse deployments with a worldwide mobile workforce.

- Low Total Cost of Ownership. The SonicWALL Global Security Client addresses the needs of companies looking to deploy comprehensive desktop security to remote/mobile workers and corporate networks while delivering a lower total cost of ownership through automated policy enforcement and software distribution at the gateway.

- Easy-to-Use Local Interface. The SonicWALL Global Security Client includes an intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrates multiple applications and presents the administrator with a status page and optional configuration functionality, offering enhanced ease of use.
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DELL SonicWALL Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal, Pentium, 32 メガバイト
製品概要(詳細) DELL SonicWALL Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal :

DELL Global Security Client Maintenance Renewal, SonicWALL. 最小プロセッサー: Pentium, 最小ハードディスク・スペース: 32 メガバイト

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