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NEC MultiSync VT460K 1800ANSI ルーメン データプロジェクター

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MultiSync VT460K
製品コード :
Use a beamer to project the images from your notebook, computer, DVD-player, video recorder or other device with a compatible connector on the wall or a specially-designed projection screen. With a device like this, giving professional, clear presentations is easy. Or make your own home cinema!
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製品名(詳細版) NEC MultiSync VT460K 1800ANSI ルーメン データプロジェクター :
情報(簡略版)はNEC MultiSync VT460K 1800ANSI ルーメン データプロジェクターとなります。


NEC MultiSync VT460K 1800ANSI ルーメン データプロジェクター:
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Trapezoidal distortions can be corrected automatically. A comfortable projector with easy-to-use functions.

High brightness of 1800 ANSI lumens is achieved with a compact body of 2.9 kg.
In spite of a light compact body, bright and easy-to-see image projection with high brightness of 1800 ANSI lumens is achieved.

The projector is equipped with Automatic Keystone Correction.
Trapezoidal distortions of projected images are automatically corrected by sensing the inclination of the equipment with the built-in sensor. (Up to ±30 degrees from the projection angle in a vertical direction) The setting can be made quickly and simply. It is also possible to change to the manual correction mode.

Direct Access Keys capable of selecting input signals easily.
The Direct Access Keys for Video, s-Video and RGB are on the operational panel on the top of the equipment and let users select sources with the touch of a button . LED indications are also available under the respective buttons so that the user can identify input signals at a glance. The ports for the respective image sources, including audio input are also provided on the rear panel, and their positions correspond to the keys on the control panel, so that the cable connections become easier.
The projector is equipped with a short focus lens for very short throwing distances.
The short focus lens, reduces the throwing distance by 20% compared to equivalent models. The throwing distances are 1.8 m at 60 inches, 2.4 m at 80 inches and 3.0 m at 100 inches, respectively. It is now possible to project large-sized images in a place where a sufficient throwing distance for the ordinary projector cannot be secured.

Colour Management System capable of correcting colours as you want.
You can select an optimum colour tone for the respective video image sources, such as PC or movies, among five video image modes (Presentation, Video, Movie, Graphic, sRGB). When you select the User Setting Mode, you can make more detailed adjustments of images by using the Gamma Correction to select gradation reproductions of monochrome images and the White Balance Adjustment to adjust the black/white level of signals for R, G, and B independently. The adjusted value can be registered in memory.

Lamp Eco Mode is equipped.
When the energy-saving Lamp Eco Mode is selected, lamp life will be extended to 3000 hours by controlling the temperature while turning on the lamp and adjusting the lamp output. By selecting the Lamp Eco Mode, cost and labour for replacing lamps can be decreased drastically. (Its brightness will be 1500 ANSI lumens.) In the Lamp Eco Mode, the cooling fan noise will also be reduced to 32 dB. You can use the projector in a still atmosphere. (In Normal Mode, the lamp life is 2000 hours, and the fan noise is 37 dB.)

Key Lock Function prevents improper operations
You can forbid the operation buttons on the main unit and opeate the equipment with the Wireless Remote Controller only. With this function, you can prevent improper operation or changes of settings by students when you use this projector in a classroom.
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NEC MultiSync VT460K, 1800 ANSI ルーメン, 400:1, 2000 時間, LCD, 2.9 kg, 310 x 89 x 230 mm
製品概要(詳細) NEC MultiSync VT460K 1800ANSI ルーメン データプロジェクター :

NEC MultiSync VT460K. プロジェクター 明るさ: 1800 ANSI ルーメン, コントラスト比: 400:1. ランプ 耐用年数: 2000 時間. ディスプレイ: LCD. 重量: 2.9 kg. 寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ: 310 x 89 x 230 mm, 解像度: 800 x 600 ピクセル

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プロジェクター 明るさ *
1800 ANSI ルーメン
コントラスト比 *
ランプ 耐用年数 *
2000 時間
重量 *
2.9 kg
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
310 x 89 x 230 mm
800 x 600 ピクセル