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Linksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb

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Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb
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With the help of DVD players/recorders you can watch/record videos of high quality, play MP3-CDs, audio CDs and audio DVDs, as well as look through your photos in JPG format. DVD recorders often have an in-built hard disk on which you can record your home videos, edit them and burn them to DVD afterwards, or record your favourite TV programmes so you can watch them later. Some DVD recorders even have automatic ad recognition: simply start watching the movie half an hour or so after the broadcast started and it will skip all those unwanted advertisements for you, so you never need to watch any ads if you don\'t want to!
DVD プレーヤー & DVD レコーダー
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Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb

Linksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb:
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Digital Video Recorder from the next generation, the DP-558 proves to be more than what is first expected from such a product. What if you could watch live television, then pause it for a while and start it again when you are ready to watch more. What if you could browse through an electronic program guide, find the desired program, press Record and the schedule for the next recording would be set. What now if you could have online services directly available from your television screen, be able to see the weather forcast or just play games.
Get the latest KiSS Firmware and enjoy the DP-558’s full functionalities
Recording Television
No need to burn countless DVDs when you need to record television, the KiSS DP-558 records on its 80GB or 200GB Hard Disk. The advantage for you is that you can delete and re-write as much as you like. The 80GB Hard Disk means that you can record as much as 120 Hours of television and the 200GB Hard Disk means that you can record as much as 300 Hours of television, depending on the chosen recording quality. Recording can be scheduled if you know the time of the program you want to record, and for quick recordings, you can just press one button on the remote to start it.

Just like magic: Time Shifting
You're watching a good movie on television when the phone rings. It's an important call, but you don't want to miss the plot. Easy... just press Pause on your remote control, and just like magic the image freezes. After the call, just press Play to resume watching.
Magic? Not just quite, by pressing Pause the DP-558 starts recording the television channel on its Hard Disk, when you press Play, the DP-558 will start playing the movie it has in its memory while the rest of the movie is still being recorded. You can then watch the end of the movie with a few minutes delay, and don't worry about not having enough space left on your Hard Disk, remember that it can record up to 120 Hours or 300 Hours of television depending on the chosen recording quality.
Electronic Program Guide
The EPG is a service giving you the opportunity to check all TV programs on the KiSS DP-558 player.
There is now no reason to buy a traditional TV guide ever again!

If the KiSS DP-558 DVD player is connected to a Broadband Internet Connection it will be possible to access the Electronic Program Guide. This service provides you with the opportunity to check the latest TV programs directly on your TV screen and makes it easy to decide what to watch and record. The EPG covers all the TV stations available in Europe.
With its user-friendly setup it is possible to create personal favourite lists organized by country, channels, and specific shows, movies or sport programs.
You can choose to check what is on for a specific time interval or choose to check what's on the channels or shows of interest for the next 5 days. By selecting a specific spectacle or movie, it is possible to get access to detailed information about the program in question.
Additionally you can, via the Electronic Program Guide set the player to record TV shows or movies simply by selecting it and pressing the“record” button. If the scheduled time has changed, the player will automatically edit the recording time, so you are always sure that the chosen program is recorded.
It cannot be any easier to remember to watch or record all of your favourite shows or the best movies!

KiSS Remote EPG
Our new web-based TV Guide is a companion service to our existing TV Guide currently running on the DP-558. Its main purpose is to act as a means to remotely schedule recordings from any location with a browser and an Internet connection. Over are the days where you had to sit in front of your digital recorder to schedule recordings of your favorite shows. Sitting in the office and realize that you can't make it home in time to catch the news or your favorite show? Log on to the TV Guide from your computer, WiFi-enabled PDA or GPRS and browser-enabled phone, and schedule it for recording in seconds.
Online Weather Report
The weather report feature is a service giving you access to an online weather report on the KiSS DP-558 via a Broadband Internet Connection.

As an additional online feature, we introduced the opportunity to check the weather forecast for any country in the world directly through the KiSS DP-558 Digital Video Recorder. It is a user-friendly service giving you the opportunity to specify the geographical area of your interest by continent, country/state or town. Also you can get access to the satellite picture of the area chosen and get a five day's forecast.

You can also choose to create a favourite list for specific countries or towns so you can always look up the weather report for the place you are most interested in.

Online Games
The online interactive game provides you with the opportunity to play alone or together with other KiSS users on the KiSS DP-558 via a Broadband Internet Connection.

Having the KiSS DP-558 connected to the Internet it will now be possible to get access to a range of online interactive games through the player. It is possible to play games on your television screen using your remote control. You can choose to play alone or against other online users due to the multiplayer function.

At the moment four simple but popular games are available on the KiSS DP-558 player. You can have fun playing Klondi, Minesweeper, Reversi or checkers.

WebRadio 3
WebRadio 3 enables you to listen to thousands of different world radio stations directly from the Internet providing your KiSS DP-558 is connected to a Broadband Internet Connection.

WebRadio 3 makes it possible to listen to thousands of Internet Radio Stations and to easily choose between different music genres and radio stations from many different countries from all over the world. Simply navigate the on-screen menu to select your favourite music and you are set. Start by choosing the music genre you would like to listen to. Then select the specific radio station from a specific county that you would like to listen to. The WebRadio will now automatically start playing.

There is now no reason to compromise. With WebRadio 3 it is you who decide exactly which music should be played via the KiSS Digital Video Recorder.
サマリー(簡略版) Linksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb:
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Linksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb, NTSC, Dolby Pro Logic, 200 ギガバイト
製品概要(詳細) Linksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb :

Linksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb. アナログ信号フォーマットシステム: NTSC. オーディオデコーダー: Dolby Pro Logic. ハードドライブ容量: 200 ギガバイト

こちらはLinksys Digital Video Recorder DP-558 200Gb に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。



プログレッシブスキャン出力 *
オーディオデコーダー *
Dolby Pro Logic
手持ちリモートコントロール *
200 ギガバイト
I/O ポート
Out: TV Antenna SCART Composite Video S-Video Component Video Analog Audio Coaxial Audio Optical Audio In: Ethernet TV Antenna SCART Composite Video S-Video Component Video