The general trademark of a manufacturer by which the consumer knows its products. A manufacturer can have multiple brand names. Some manufacturers license their brand names to other producers.
xSeries 260
製品コード :
カテゴリー :
Extra powerful, extra reliable computers that have been specially designed for server applications. For example serving a website, a large database or shared storage space to a lot of users. Servers are often not very quiet and deliver hardly any graphical performance, which makes them not suitable for use as personal computer. If you need a lot of servers, choose a rack mountable model. Those models need less space and your server room will remain tidy.
データシートの品質: Icecatによるデータシート確認及び標準化
ロジスティックデータのみインポート: メーカーから頂いた基本情報のみ記載しています。Icecatによるデータシートはまだ作成されておりません。
作成者 IBM: データシートは、メーカーの公式製品サイトからインポートされましたが、Icecatによるデータの標準化は完了していません。
Icecatによるデータシート確認及び標準化: このデータシートはIcecatによって作成/標準化されています。
データシート作成日: 07 Dec 2005
データシート更新日: 06 Feb 2017 11:48:47
閲覧回数: 18903
この統計は、次の情報に基づいています。 67946 eコマースサイト(Webショップ、販売代理店、価格比較サイト、ASP等システムプロバイダー)で使うためにIcecatデータシートをダウンロードしたい 07-12-05 無料でお使い頂けるOpen Icecatには、スポンサー企業様の製品情報のみ含まれます。 66205 無料のOpen Icecatユーザー.
サマリー(簡略版) IBM eServer xSeries 260:
これは自動で生成されたIBM eServer xSeries 260 に関する製品データシートのサマリー(簡略版)です。製品タイトル及び最初の6つの主要な仕様を表しています。
IBM eServer xSeries 260, 3.16 GHz, インテル® Xeon®プロセッサー, L2, 1 メガバイト, 667 MHz, 1 ギガバイト
製品概要(詳細) IBM eServer xSeries 260:
こちらはIBM eServer xSeries 260 に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。
IBM xSeries 260, eServer. プロセッサー・ベース動作周波数: 3.16 GHz, プロセッサー 系列: インテル® Xeon®プロセッサー, プロセッサーキャッシュタイプ: L2. 内蔵メモリー: 1 ギガバイト, 内蔵メモリー 型式: DDR2-SDRAM, 最大内蔵メモリー: 64 ギガバイト. 最大グラフィックアダプターメモリー: 16 メガバイト. ネットワーク機能: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet. 互換オペレーティングシステム: Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL3 U6 64-bit 1- node (HT off), Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL4 U3 32-bit
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プロセッサー ベース動作周波数*
The speed that the microprocessor executes each instruction or each vibration of the clock. The CPU requires a fixed number of clock ticks, or cycles, to execute each instruction. The faster the clocks rate, the faster the CPU, or the faster it can execute instructions. Clock Speeds are usually determined in MHz, 1 MHz representing 1 million cycles per second, or in GHz, 1 GHz representing 1 thousand million cycles per second. The higher the CPU speed, the better a computer will perform.
3,16 GHz
プロセッサー 系列*
A family of processors is a group of processors produced by one company over a short period of time e.g. Intel Pentium processors.
インテル® Xeon®プロセッサー
プロセッサー モデル*
The model number for the processor in a computer.
プロセッサー キャッシュ
1 メガバイト
プロセッサー フロントサイドバス
A computer communications interface used to connect the processor to the rest of the computer, except the cache (and possibly other processors).
667 MHz
A computer's memory which is directly accessible to the CPU.
1 ギガバイト
The maximum internal memory which is available in the product.
64 ギガバイト
内蔵メモリー 型式*
The type of internal memory such as RAM, GDDR5.
Graphics memory is determined by the (graphic) processor. Graphics memory is often shared with system memory so that it varies depending on the amount of system memory installed and system load.
16 メガバイト
Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet
USB 2.0 ポート数*
Number of USB 2.0 ports (connecting interfaces) in the device. USB 2.0 was released in April 2000 (now called "Hi-Speed"), adding higher maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (effective throughput up to 35 MB/s or 280 Mbit/s), USB 2.0 ports are usually black.
イーサネット LAN (RJ-45) ポート数*
Number of Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports (connecting interfaces) in the device. Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports allow a computer to connect to the ethernet.
The number of serial ports in a computer or peripheral. A serial port is a serial communication physical interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time. The term "serial port" usually identifies hardware more or less compliant to the RS-232 standard, intended to interface with a modem or with a similar communication device. In modern computers and peripherals, serial ports have largely been replaced by USBs and other interfaces.
PS/2 ポート数
The number of PS/2 connectors for keyboards and mice. Its name comes from the IBM Personal System/2.
VGA ポート数*
Number of VGA (D-Sub) ports (connecting interfaces) in the device. The VGA (D-Sub) connector is a 15 pin connector between a computer and a monitor. It was first introduced in 1987 by IBM.
互換オペレーティングシステム *
List of desktop operating systems tested as compatible with this product.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL3 U6 64-bit 1- node (HT off), Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL4 U3 32-bit 1-through 4-node (HT off > 2-nodes), Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL4 U3 64-bit 1-through 4-node, Windows 2000 Advanced Server 1-node, Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit Data Center 1-through 8-node, Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit Enterprise up to 2-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit Standard 1-node, Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit Data Center 1-through 8-node, Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit Enterprise up to 2-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit Standard 1-node Standard (HT off), Windows Server 2003 SP1 32-bit Data Center 1 through 4-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 SP1 32-bit Enterprise up to 2-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 SP1 32-bit Standard 1-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 SP1 64-bit Data Center 1 through 4-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 SP1 64-bit Enterprise up to 2-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 SP1 64-bit Standard 1-node (HT off), Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition R2 (32-bit and 64-bit)
電源供給 *
The way in which the product is powered e.g. rechargeable battery, mains electricity connected via a plug and cable.
775 W
横幅 *
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
462 mm
奥行 *
The distance from the front to the back of something.
762 mm
高さ *
The measurement of the product from head to foot or from base to top.
393 mm
Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies.
81.7 kg
Radeon 7000M
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
Dimensions of the product (Width x Depth x Height).
462 x 762 x 393 mm
Hard drive controller characteristics, including type.
I/O ポート
An interface on a device to which you can connect another device.
1 x RS485 IXA
If present, storage capacity of Floppy Disk Drive (FDD). Standard is 1.44MB for 3.5" diskettes. Often the FDD is not included in PCs or notebooks, and is at most optional. Optional drives are often connected via an external port like the USB port.
1,44 メガバイト