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D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラー

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54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway
製品コード :
DVG-G1402S/E show
A gateway is a router or a proxy server that routes between networks. A controller is a chip, an expansion card, or a stand-alone device that interfaces with a peripheral device.
ゲートウェイ & コントローラー
データシートの品質: Icecatによるデータシート確認及び標準化
ロジスティックデータのみインポート: メーカーから頂いた基本情報のみ記載しています。Icecatによるデータシートはまだ作成されておりません。
作成者 D-Link: データシートは、メーカーの公式製品サイトからインポートされましたが、Icecatによるデータの標準化は完了していません。
Icecatによるデータシート確認及び標準化: このデータシートはIcecatによって作成/標準化されています。
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製品名(詳細版) D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラー :
情報(簡略版)はD-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラーとなります。

54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway

D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラー:
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Wireless VoIP station Gateway
The D-Link DVG-G1402S VoIP Station Gateway is an ideal Internet telephone solution for office use. It combines the industry's latest Voice over the IP network technology with advanced communication features, and is compatible with any phone service. This device converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the Internet. It is inexpensive and easy to use, providing the convenience and great savings for companies needing to place frequent long-distance and international business calls.

Cost Saving and Investment Protection
The DVG-G1402S provides homes and businesses with an easy and inexpensive upgrade to Internet telephony while allowing them to retain their existing telephone and fax equipment. It allows users to protect and extend their past investments in telephones, conference speakers phones and fax machines, as well as to control their migration to IP with a very affordable and incremental investment.

2 Internet Telephone Connections
The DVG-G1402S provides 2 FXS ports for 2 simultaneous Internet phone connections. Plug in regular phone sets to these ports, and they instantly become Internet telephones. For homes and offices with frequent needs for long-distance and international phone calls, this device provides great cost saving and convenience, allowing users to connect any phones or fax machines to it to make calls or send out faxes on the Internet

Guaranteed Voice Quality
The DVG-G1402S delivers clear sounds, voice and reliable fax calling through implementation of internationally recognized standards for voice and data networking. It incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) functions to ensure that voice received through the Internet is the same as or even surpasses that received on the ordinary phone.

Convenient Call Features
This DVG-G1402S supports many useful functions, allowing the service providers to offer these functions to their subscribers. Provided that the telephone sets at the end-users side support these functions, callers can take advantage of these convenient features. Call function support includes attended call transfer, call forward (busy, no answer, unconditional), call hold and retrieve, call waiting, caller ID display, anonymous call blocking, and 3-way conference.

Shared Broadband Internet Connection
The DVG-G1402S provides built-in router function to permit sharing of the broadband line for Internet access in your office. Built-in NAT and DHCP server functions automatically create an IP address and assigns it for each user, simplifying everyone's logon operation.

Built-in Wireless LAN and 4-Port Switch.
The DVG-G1402S incorporates 802.11g wireless LAN and 4 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, providing ready connection for workstations and servers. This saves you the cost and trouble of installing a separate wireless access port and an Ethernet switch.
サマリー(簡略版) D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラー:
これは自動で生成されたD-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラー に関する製品データシートのサマリー(簡略版)です。製品タイトル及び最初の6つの主要な仕様を表しています。
D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway, IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, HTTP, 802.11g/b, WEP (64/128/256 bits) WPA ESS-ID, 192.5 x 118.4 x 31 mm, 12V AC, 1.2A, 0 - 40 °C, -10 - 55 °C
製品概要(詳細) D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway ゲートウェイ & コントローラー :

D-Link 54Mbps Wireless VoIP Gateway. 管理用プロトコル: IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, HTTP, 802.11g/b, 対応プロトコル: WEP (64/128/256 bits) WPA ESS-ID. 寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ: 192.5 x 118.4 x 31 mm. 電源要件: 12V AC, 1.2A

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IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, HTTP, 802.11g/b
WEP (64/128/256 bits) WPA ESS-ID
I/O ポート
(2) RJ-11, FXS (4) RJ-45 LAN Ethernet 10/100 RJ-45 WAN Ethernet 10/100 Serial IEEE 802.3 10M Ethernet IEEE 802.3u 100M Ethernet IEEE 802.11b/g
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
192.5 x 118.4 x 31 mm
12V AC, 1.2A
0 - 40 °C
保管時温度 (T-T)
-10 - 55 °C
5 - 95%
FAX Relay, PCM (G.711), T.38
SIP Authentication HTTP Digest Authentication VoIP NAT Traversal (SIP/STUN) NAT/Firewall (NAPT, TCP/UDP, DMZ, ALGs) VPN Pass-Through MAC Filter
TFTP Web Interface Management DHCP TELNET TFTP Client
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