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Xerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター

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C226 PJA
製品コード :
A multifunctional is really an all-in-one device; it is both a scanner and a printer, and often even has a fax function. So effectively it\'s a copier, but one that has the scanning and printing functions available separately. All this is a great advantage when you have limited office space. Moreover, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently by using the device\'s convenient special functions.
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製品名(詳細版) Xerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター :
情報(簡略版)はXerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンターとなります。

WorkCentre C226 Printer-Copier with Platen and Three-Tray (500 sheets each), Inverter and Duplex

Xerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター:
こちらの記載内容 %%タイトル%% は、メーカーが提供する公式のものになります。
Quick Facts

* The WorkCentre C226 comes in several configurations starting at £ 5351.
* Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Email
* Colour: up to 17 ppm
Black: up to 26 ppm
* Single-pass LED print technology
* Maximum paper size is A3/12 x 18 inches
* 600 x 600 dpi resolution
* Up to a maximum of 5,750 sheets and 6 paper trays including the bypass tray
* Prints on wide range of media up to heavy card stock (up to 300 gsm)
* First page out time as fast as 8 seconds for black-and-white and 11.7 seconds for colour
* Finishing options from stapling, booklet making to hole punching available
* Short straight paper path gives exceptional reliability
* Optional Scan to desktop, ftp server or email
* Super G3 fax capability with JBIG compression
* Two-sided copying and printing optional
* Maximum duty cycle up to 48,000 pages per month

Competitive Edge

* A wide array of finishing options, from a simple offset catch tray to a professional finisher that includes up to 30-sheet stapling, saddle-stitch booklet making and hole punching.
* An amazing array of scanning functionality like scan to PC Desktop, FTP server or email with LDAP authentication.
* The WorkCentre C226 multifunction printer is loaded with security features such as scan/email, network authentication, IP address filtering, secure print, confidential fax, auditron, data encryption, and optional immediate image data overwrite.
* Large paper capacity of up to 5,750 sheets, auto tray switching plus load-during-run capability to keep the machine running at peak performance.

Features that Reduce Costs

* Booklet maker allows you to save time and money by producing saddle-stitched booklets and other professionally finished full colour materials in-house.
* Auditron allows you to monitor colour usage and restrict or control it by allowing only certain users to copy or print in colour. It also allows you to monitor and manage usage of copy, print, fax or scanning functionality.
* Automatic colour detection means that you don't get charged for colour when printing black-and-white documents.
* N-up prints multiple pages on a single sheet, saving paper.
* Black-and-white copying and printing costs comparable to a black-and-white only device, so you do not have to have a separate device for colour.
* Automatic 2-sided copying saves on paper costs and is environmentally friendly.
* Super G3 fax Capability with JBIG Compression means fax transmissions are ultra-fast saving you money on your telephone calls.
* High-quality colour printed in-house so you don't wait nervously for your business critical documents to come back from the print shop.
* Delay fax send to transmit faxes at the time of day when the rate is cheaper.
* Fax prints can be set to pull from a dedicated paper tray.
* Modular design allows your device to be configured or upgraded to meet precise requirements so you need not pay for features you do not need.

Features that Save Time

* Job queue management so you can quickly view the jobs in the system with the ability to promote, delete and hold jobs to improve efficiency.
* First page out time as fast as 8 seconds for black and white, reduces wait time at the copier. Most documents are fewer than 5 pages so how fast the first page is delivered is a key indicator of copier performance.
* "Load while Run" feature allows paper to be loaded while printing.
* Stored programming allows you to store commonly used jobs in memory, so you recall the job quickly, load the originals and press start.
* Finishing features like hole punching and booklet making in-line so its ready for distribution without additional handling offline.
* Consumable supplies and commonly replaceable components are long-lasting and designed as SMart Kits, to be easily replaced by anyone and without the need for a service call.
* Intuitive easy to use touch screen and print drivers make it simple for novice users to become experts in no time without training.
* Electronic pre-collation - automatic sorting and collation means you do not spend time sorting your printed documents.

Features that Enhance Productivity

* Secure Print allows a password to be entered to protect a job. The job will be held in a queue and not printed until the same password is entered at the device.
* Sample Print enables users to print and proof a single copy of a document before printing the remaining document sets/copies. The remaining sets are held at the device print queue until the job is released.
* Covers allow you to feed the front cover page of the document from a different media tray, with one-sided or two-sided imaging.
* Transparency interleave allows you to insert dividers.
* Watermarks provide the ability to print text, such as "Draft" or "Confidential," in the background of every page of a document.
* N-Up Printing enables printing of more than one page on a single sheet. One-up, two-up, or as many as 8-up printing on the same page. This environmentally friendly feature decreases the consumption of paper and toner.
* Auto Reduce/Enlarge proportionally reduces or enlarges the image on the copies based on the size of the original and the size of the selected output paper.
* Auto Tray Selection where the machine chooses the correct paper for the print job based on the image size of the originals.
* Auto 2-sided printing allows you to print on both sides of the paper without reloading sheets.
* Booklet Creation reduces the size of each page and prints two pages per sheet. It prints the pages in the correct order so the document can be folded and stapled to form a booklet.
* Print on heavy paper stock up to 300 gsm when you need to create report covers or cards.
* Software tools that allow quick and efficient remote management, installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
サマリー(簡略版) Xerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター:
これは自動で生成されたXerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター に関する製品データシートのサマリー(簡略版)です。製品タイトル及び最初の6つの主要な仕様を表しています。
Xerox C226 PJA, レーザー, Colour printing, Colour copying, 48000 ページ/月, Power PC, 400 MHz
製品概要(詳細) Xerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター :

Xerox C226 PJA. プリント・テクノロジー: レーザー, プリント: Colour printing, コピー: Colour copying. プリント速度 (白黒, 標準, A4/US Letter): 26 ppm, 最大解像度: 600 x 600 DPI, プリント速度 (カラー, 標準, A4/US Letter): 17 ppm. コピー速度 (標準, 白黒, A4): 26 cpm, コピー速度 (標準, カラー, A4): 17 cpm, コピーリサイズ: 25 - 400%. 給紙容量(標準): 750 シート数, 最大給紙容量: 2250 シート数. 出力容量(標準): 500 シート数

こちらはXerox C226 PJA 600 x 600DPI レーザー 26ppm 多機能プリンター に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。



プリント・テクノロジー *
プリント *
Colour printing
コピー *
Colour copying
スキャン機能 *
FAX機能 *
デューティサイクル (最大) *
48000 ページ/月
デジタル送信 *
Power PC
プロセッサー ベース動作周波数
400 MHz
プリント速度 (白黒, 標準, A4/US Letter) *
26 ppm
最大解像度 *
600 x 600 DPI
プリント速度 (カラー, 標準, A4/US Letter)
17 ppm
8 秒
11.7 秒
99 秒
コピー速度 (標準, 白黒, A4)
26 cpm
コピー速度 (標準, カラー, A4)
17 cpm
25 - 400%
999 枚数
給紙容量(標準) *
750 シート数
2250 シート数
出力容量(標準) *
500 シート数
メディア 重量 (トレイ1)
64 – 105 gsm
3 x 500 sheet
ペーパー取り扱い方法 オプション/給紙
High-Capacity Feeder
ペーパー取り扱い方法 オプショナル/出力
Staple/Saddle-Stitch Finisher
内蔵メモリー *
128 MB
640 MB
40 GB
消費電力(動作時平均) *
1500 W
コピー機 スマートソフトウェア機能
Scan Once/Print Many, Electronic Collation, Automatic Paper Selection, Automatic Tray Switching, Automatic Magnification Selection, Image Repeat, N-Up, Cover/Transparency Interleaving
プリンター スマートソフトウェア機能
Automatic Colour Detection, Automatic Paper Selection, Automatic Tray Switching, Automatic Magnification
Energy Star 認証済み *
重量 *
81.5 kg
10 - 85%
10 - 32 °C
1x500-sheet + 250-sheet bypass
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
670 x 676 x 787 mm
220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x, Mac OS X 10.1.5, 10.2 - 10.2.8, 10.3 - 10.3.4
Colour all-in-one functions
コピー, プリント
I/O ポート
RJ-45 USB 1.1, IEEE 1284
両面プリント オプション
1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-1
PostScript 3 emulation
A6 - A3
メディア重量 (トレイ2)
60-300 gsm