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Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm)

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CopyCentre 238V_FB
製品コード :
Copy all your documents fast and easy with one of these copiers!
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製品名(詳細版) Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm) :
情報(簡略版)はXerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm)となります。

38 ppm Copy up to 600 x 600dpi, 4.5 seconds first page out, Paper size A5 - A3

Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm):
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Quick Facts

* The CopyCentre 232/238 comes in several configurations
* Copy with optional Fax
* up to 32 / 38 ppm
* One-line or two-line fax option
* Five paper trays including bypass with a capacity of up to 4,800 sheets
* Feed up to 80 lb cover/216 gsm and 11x17 in./A3 media
* First page out time as fast as 4.5 seconds
* Stapling, hole punching, V-folding and saddle-stitch finishing options
* 75-sheet Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2); up to 35 ppm scan speed
* Upgradeable to print, fax, scan, e-mail and other advanced multifunction options
* Maximum duty cycle up to 150,000 pages per month

Competitive Edge

* The CopyCentre 232/238 offers breakthrough uptime and reliability. The device predicts and prevents downtime by telling you when to replace a SMart Kit component. These kits are really easy to replace.
* Virtually unlimited scan, fax and program ahead while the device is busy printing another job. This Smart controller architecture, unlike any competitive product, offers true multi-tasking which means you never have to wait!
* Xerox digital copiers are the most user-friendly devices. This device is loaded with features and even complex features are very easy to use.
* A wide array of finishing options, from an offset catch tray and a new basic office finisher to a professional finisher offering stapling, hole-punching, folding and saddle-stitching.

Features that Reduce Costs

* Energy Star Compliant and Blue Angel certification, which means you save on energy costs.
* Automatic 2-sided copying saves on paper costs and is environmentally friendly.
* Auditron allows you to monitor and restrict or control copy usage if necessary.
* N-up copies multiple pages on a single sheet, saving paper and space in your filing cabinets.
* Delayed send fax allows you to fax at a later time when the rates may be lower.
* Booklet maker allows you to save time and money by producing saddle-stitched booklets and professionally finished materials in-house.

Features that Save Time

* First page out time as fast as 4.5 seconds, reduces wait time at the device. Most documents are fewer than 5 pages so how fast the first page is delivered is a key indicator of performance.
* Two-line fax so you can send and receive faxes at the same time.
* Print reports to quickly get information such as accounts, billing meters, fax activity and copy auditron data.
* Program ahead allows you to program and scan ahead even when the device is busy printing.
* Job Interrupt the current job for a more urgent one.
* Job queue management so you can quickly view the jobs in the system with the ability to promote, delete or hold jobs to improve efficiency.
* Store and recall job programming so you can quickly recall programming of commonly used jobs.
* Build job enables programming complex jobs such as covers and tab insertion without the need for manual collation.

Features that Enhance Productivity

* Auto Reduce/Enlarge automatically scales a page to best fit the sheet size of the media in the designated input tray.
* Automatic 2-sided copying allows you to copy on both sides of the paper without reloading sheets.
* Help screens to quickly learn to use even complex features.
* Annotation/Bates Stamping provides the ability to easily add a comment, date, page number or bates number to the copy output.
* Mixed-sized originals allows you to scan originals of different sizes in one job to produce either mixed size or common sized output.
* Build job, a powerful feature that simplifies complex document creation.
* Booklet Creation automatically prints pages in the correct order so the document can be folded and stapled to form a booklet.
* N-Up Copying enables copying of more than one page on a single sheet. One-up, two-up, or up to six-up printing on the same page. This environmentally friendly feature decreases the consumption of paper and toner.
* Covers insertion allows you to feed the front and back pages of the document from a different media tray.
* Tabs insertion allows you to integrate tab stock into your document to create professional documents.
* Edge erase can be used to "clean up" the edges of an original e.g. if it is frayed or has hole punch or staple marks.
* Transparency dividers allows you to insert either blank or printed dividers.
サマリー(簡略版) Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm):
これは自動で生成されたXerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm) に関する製品データシートのサマリー(簡略版)です。製品タイトル及び最初の6つの主要な仕様を表しています。
Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB, 38 cpm, 600 x 600 DPI, 8 bit, 9999 部, A3 (297 x 420 mm), Letterhead, Preprinted forms, Plain Paper, Drilled/Hole-punched, Heavyweight, Recycled, Tab Stock, B
製品概要(詳細) Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm) :

Xerox CopyCentre 238V_FB. コピー速度 (標準, 白黒, A4): 38 cpm, コピー解像度 (白黒テキスト): 600 x 600 DPI, コピーカラー: 8 bit. 最大プリントサイズ: A3 (297 x 420 mm), 対応メディアタイプ: Letterhead, Preprinted forms, Plain Paper, Drilled/Hole-punched, Heavyweight, Recycled, Tab Stock, B. 最大出力容量: 2250 シート. 給紙容量(標準): 1200 シート. 最大容量: 4800 シート

こちらはXerox CopyCentre 238V_FB A3 (297 x 420 mm) に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。



コピー速度 (標準, 白黒, A4)
38 cpm
コピー解像度 (白黒テキスト)
600 x 600 DPI
8 bit
9999 部
カラー *
最大プリントサイズ *
A3 (297 x 420 mm)
Letterhead, Preprinted forms, Plain Paper, Drilled/Hole-punched, Heavyweight, Recycled, Tab Stock, Bond, Envelopes, Custom Settings
A5/148 x 210 mm - A3/297 x 420 mm
2250 シート
1200 シート
4800 シート
Offset Catch Tray (OCT)/Basic Office Finisher(1000+250 sheets)/Office Finisher(2000+250 sheets)/Professional Finisher(1500+250 sheets) + Booklet Maker
75-sheet Duplex Automatic Document Handler (DADH)
両面プリント オプション
Full duplex (1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-1)
1600/2000 sheets
28 秒
4.5 秒
I/O ポート
内蔵メモリー *
256 メガバイト
768 メガバイト
デューティサイクル (最大) *
150000 ページ/月
110-140V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz
1080 W
10 - 85%
10 - 32 °C
Energy Star 認証済み *
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
1276 x 710 x 1460 mm
Standard tray: 60 - 200 g/sm, Bypass tray: 60 - 216 g/sm
162 kg
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