The general trademark of a manufacturer by which the consumer knows its products. A manufacturer can have multiple brand names. Some manufacturers license their brand names to other producers.
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A notebook, also known as laptop, is a portable computer. When you are looking for the right notebook, it is important to know where you are going to work with it. Do you want to use it on the road? Choose a model with a special energy-saving \'mobile\' processor, a good battery and a reasonably small display. This will allow you to work longer with the same battery and saves you the trouble of carrying around a large display that consumes a lot of precious battery power. Or will you be using you notebook mainly in places where you will have access to a power outlet? Then choose a desktop processor (more processing power for less money) and an ordinary battery. This will save you a lot of money, which you could then spend on a bigger screen. You\'ll work faster because you can view more information at once and it\'s great for multimedia!
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サマリー(簡略版) Sony VAIO V505DP CENT-1.6G:
これは自動で生成されたSony VAIO V505DP CENT-1.6G に関する製品データシートのサマリー(簡略版)です。製品タイトル及び最初の6つの主要な仕様を表しています。
Sony VAIO V505DP CENT-1.6G, Ethernet network (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) (RJ-45), DDR-SDRAM, 1024 x 768 ピクセル, Stereo speakers, 277 x 242.4 x 35 mm, Sony Software DVgate Plus 1.1 PictureGear Studio 2.0 Power Panel 1.1 SonicStage 1.6
製品概要(詳細) Sony VAIO V505DP CENT-1.6G:
こちらはSony VAIO V505DP CENT-1.6G に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。
Sony VAIO V505DP CENT-1.6G. プロセッサー・ベース動作周波数: 1.6 GHz. 内蔵メモリー: 0.5 ギガバイト, 内蔵メモリー 型式: DDR-SDRAM. ストレージ容量合計: 60 ギガバイト. ディスプレイ 対角表示領域: 30.7 cm (12.1 インチ), ディスプレイ 解像度: 1024 x 768 ピクセル, コントラスト比: 750:1. 最大グラフィックスアダプタメモリー: 0.032 ギガバイト
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The speed that the microprocessor executes each instruction or each vibration of the clock. The CPU requires a fixed number of clock ticks, or cycles, to execute each instruction. The faster the clocks rate, the faster the CPU, or the faster it can execute instructions. Clock Speeds are usually determined in MHz, 1 MHz representing 1 million cycles per second, or in GHz, 1 GHz representing 1 thousand million cycles per second. The higher the CPU speed, the better a computer will perform.
1,6 GHz
A computer's memory which is directly accessible to the CPU.
0,5 ギガバイト
内蔵メモリー 型式*
The type of internal memory such as RAM, GDDR5.
The total amount of data that can be stored on the device.
60 ギガバイト
ディスプレイ 対角表示領域*
Size of the display for this product, measured diagonally, usually in inches.
30.7 cm (12.1 インチ)
ディスプレイ 解像度*
The number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. It is usually quoted as width × height, with the units in pixels: for example, "1024 × 768" means the width is 1024 pixels and the height is 768 pixels. The higher the number of pixels, the sharper the image.
1024 x 768 ピクセル
The difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black.
0,032 ギガバイト
System used to play music or speech.
Stereo speakers
Ethernet network (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) (RJ-45)
I/O ポート
An interface on a device to which you can connect another device.
4 Pin i.LINK (IEEE1394), 400 Mbps 1
DC in 1
Docking Station Interface 1
Headphone Jack 1
Memory Stick Slot 1
Memory Stick Slot Type MagicGate (Pro compatible)
Microphone Jack 1
RJ-11 Direct Port (Modem) 1
RJ-45 Direct Port (Network) 1
USB Speed High/Full/Low
USB Port (quantity) 2
USB Version 2.0
USB Connector Type Type A
VGA Connector for Monitor 1
PCMCIA Card Type I or II 1, 2 x USB 2.0 (High-speed/Full-speed/Low-speed) ports Type A connector / i.LINK (IEEE1394) S400, DC In (AC adapter) / Monitor (VGA), printer, external speakers or headphones, external microphone, AV Out (for TV and line out).
Software distributed with another product such as a piece of computer hardware or other electronic device, or a group of software packages which are sold together. A software suite is an example of bundled software, as is software which is pre-installed on a new computer.
Sony Software
DVgate Plus 1.1
PictureGear Studio 2.0
Power Panel 1.1
SonicStage 1.6
VAIO Media 2.5
Recovery System DVD-ROM
Third Party Software
Adobe Acrobat Reader 6
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
Adobe Premiere 6.0 LE
Quicktime 6.1
RealOne Player 6.0
WinDVD for VAIO4
Microsoft Works 7.0
Norton Internet Security Internet Security 2004
Adobe Acrobat Elements 6.0
Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 2.0 SE
Maximum battery life. Mobile Mark™ (2002) is the standard often used to benchmark battery life time.
4,5 h
重量 *
Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies.
1.99 kg
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
Dimensions of the product (Width x Depth x Height).
277 x 242,4 x 35 mm
List of desktop operating systems tested as compatible with this product.
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Device inside a computer, cash register etc. that enables it to communicate over a network.
The speed at which data is transferred by a modem.
56 キロビット/秒