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Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB
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Flash memory comes in different types and is used by all kinds of products, e.g. cameras, MP3-players, telephones. The great advantage of flash memory is that it has no moving parts, so it is shock resistant and hardly wears. It is also very small and very light, which makes it perfect for use in portable digital devices.
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サマリー(簡略版) Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB 1GB MS フラッシュメモリ:
これは自動で生成されたSony Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB 1GB MS フラッシュメモリ に関する製品データシートのサマリー(簡略版)です。製品タイトル及び最初の6つの主要な仕様を表しています。
Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB, MS, 31 x 20 x 1.6 mm, 10-pin Serial Memory Stick Interface & 4-pin Parallel
製品概要(詳細) Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB 1GB MS フラッシュメモリ:
こちらはSony Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB 1GB MS フラッシュメモリ に関して自動で生成されたサマリー(詳細版)になります。最初に出てくる仕様群5つの中から3つの情報を抽出して生成しています。
Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB. 容量: 1 ギガバイト, フラッシュカードタイプ: MS, 書き込み速度: 15 メガバイト/秒. 重量: 2 g. 寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ: 31 x 20 x 1.6 mm, インターフェース: 10-pin Serial Memory Stick Interface & 4-pin Parallel
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Capacity of the storage media.
1 ギガバイト
A flash card is a computer storage device electrically erased and reprogrammed. Types of flash cards include CompactFlash (CF), Memory Stick (MS) etc.
The speed at which a device can write data.
15 メガバイト/秒
Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies.
2 g
寸法 幅 x 奥行 x 高さ
Dimensions of the product (Width x Depth x Height).
31 x 20 x 1,6 mm
An interface is the point of interaction with software, or computer hardware, or with peripheral devices such as a computer monitor or a keyboard. Some computer interfaces such as a touchscreen can send and receive data, while others such as a mouse or microphone can only send data. A standard interface, such as SCSI, decouples the design and introduction of computing hardware, such as I/O devices, from the design and introduction of other components of a computing system, thereby allowing users and manufacturers great flexibility in the implementation of computing systems.
10-pin Serial Memory Stick Interface & 4-pin Parallel