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Sony God of War - Platinum PlayStation 2 ゲームソフトウェア

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God of War - Platinum
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製品名(詳細版) Sony God of War - Platinum PlayStation 2 ゲームソフトウェア :
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God of War - Platinum for PlayStation 2

Sony God of War - Platinum PlayStation 2 ゲームソフトウェア:
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Become the mighty warrior Kratos, as he seeks bloody revenge against Greek mythology's most fearsome creatures and gods. (Over 18s only)

WARNING: This game is unsuitable for under 18s

From Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studios comes the award winning God of War. A visceral action-adventure based on the fantastical and dark world of ancient Greek mythology, which swept the board at the 2006 Interactive Achievement Awards. Receiving a phenomenal seven awards, including Game of the Year, Console Game of the Year and Outstanding Achievement: Animation, God of War is a must have game for PlayStation 2.

As the fearsome Kratos, a mighty Spartan warrior hell-bent on destroying god of war Ares, you must slay some of the most famous - and largest - creatures in history. Armed with the fearsome Blades of Chaos, two flaming blades bound to his body by long chains, and various gifts from the gods, the remorseless Kratos will not hesitate to carve his way through anyone - or anything - that stands in his path.

God of War takes the action-adventure genre to a new high, combining movie-level production values with fluid, gore-drenched gameplay. As the epic, dramatic storyline unfolds, Kratos will encounter violent opposition from infamous mythical monsters such as minotaurs, centaurs, sirens, and gorgons.

Each enemy presents its own unique challenge to Kratos, who uses his unparalleled combat skills to take out every foe in brutal style. By following the on-screen prompts, you can access dozens of imaginative fatal finishing moves, from tearing creatures in half with Kratos' bare hands, to climbing up the backs of larger enemies and strangling them to death.

In addition, Kratos will also receive gifts from the gods, magical techniques that are essential for defeating some of the tougher opponents. Even the odds with the ethereal Army of Hades, shock everyone in the vicinity with Poseidon's Rage, or turn all into stone with Medusa's Gaze.

Kratos can also make use of a huge range of context-sensitive actions, such as using his unnatural strength to force huge doors open, scaling sheer walls and cliffs, and firing giant crossbows.

God of War is a thrilling, unique game that takes the action-adventure to mythical new highs.

- Become a mighty Spartan warrior and battle some of the most terrifying creatures from ancient Greek mythology.
- Amazingly deep combat system allows for huge combos and unique, enemy-specific finishing attacks.
- Features an hour of cinematic sequences.
- Stunning visuals and environments on a epic scale.
- Context-sensitive moves let Kratos perform a wide range of actions with single button presses.
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Sony God of War - Platinum, PlayStation 2, アクション, SCEA
製品概要(詳細) Sony God of War - Platinum PlayStation 2 ゲームソフトウェア :

Sony God of War - Platinum. プラットフォーム: PlayStation 2, ジャンル: アクション, デベロッパー: SCEA

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PlayStation 2
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