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HP Q3985A 定着ユニット

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The general trademark of a manufacturer by which the consumer knows its products. A manufacturer can have multiple brand names. Some manufacturers license their brand names to other producers.
Color LaserJet Q3985A 220V Fuser Kit
製品コード :
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EAN(European Article Number )及びUPC(Universal Product Code)とは、それぞれバーコード規格の1つであり、店頭や流通過程で商品を識別するためにパッケージにつけられているコードです。パッケージや流通国が複数の場合、1つの製品データシート内に複数のバーコードが挿入されることもあります。
Devices in laser printers or photocopiers which melts the toner onto the paper.
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Color LaserJet 220V Fuser Kit

HP Q3985A 定着ユニット:
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HP Color LaserJet 5550 printing supplies offer great print quality and reliable performance for fast, professional-quality color printing. They bring new toner formulation, cartridge architecture, and Smart printing features to HP's precision printing system. HP's second-generation spherical toner provides a wider color gamut, consistently accurate results, and extra-sharp black text. HP Smart Printing supplies technology ensure output consistency over the life of the cartridge.

Advanced toner formulation and particle design complement intelligence in the printing system. This ensures that departments and creative workgroups can expect crisp, sharp output every time across a broad range of color documents.
Second-generation, spherical, chemically-grown toner with uniform properties and optimized size enables precise control over toner placement. Toner has improved pigments and gloss properties, and formulations in various particle layers designed to optimize printing system results. HP Smart Printing supplies technology in the system of HP cartridges and HP printer enable automatic, ongoing electrophotographic (EP) adjustment of the particle charge throughout cartridge life for color consistency.

New cartridge architecture and HP print cartridge features make supplies easy to order, install, manage, and maintain, making in-house printing more desirable by complementing the versatile, high-performance color capabilities of the printing system.
Print system offers simple front-door access. The design intuitively assures correct installation and verifies the presence of a genuine HP cartridge. HP Smart Printing supplies features are recognized by the HP printer to enable status monitoring and proactive alert messages, Internet enabled ordering, remote trouble shooting, improved print job tracking and load balancing. The supplies provide information on how many pages/prints remain to ensure print job completion and reduce waste.

An essential element of reliable HP printing, HP Color LaserJet 5500 printing supplies are engineered to deliver consistently great results every time, enabling professional quality results in-house.
Ongoing investment in industry-leading research and development, design, manufacturing and testing processes achieves significantly lower failure rates and maximizes uptime. Advanced toner, cartridge and printer architecture, smart printing components, and color calibration software are precisely matched. Toner formulations support fast fusing at lower temperatures, enabling fast warmup time and quick first page out, and is tested to ensure consistent print quality across a wide range of papers.

HP Color LaserJet 5500 printing supplies help make reliable color printing a comfortable fit-even for cost-conscious budgets-bringing, versatile, quality HP color printing and legendary HP reliability within reach for everyday business printing.
Reduced number of supplies reduce complexity and support and affordable in-house color printing solution. High-yield print cartridges designed for very efficient usage and reliable, time-saving operation. Ongoing investment in industry-leading research and development, design, manufacturing, and testing processes to achieve significantly lower failure rates and maximize uptime. Outstanding results on plain papers (no special media required) as well as specialty media.
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HP Q3985A
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HP Q3985A

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20 - 80%
15 - 25 °C
保管時温度 (T-T)
-20 - 40 °C
10 - 90%
1 個(数)
国/地域 販売代理店
Nederland 3 distributor(s)
United Kingdom 8 distributor(s)
España 2 distributor(s)
Deutschland 4 distributor(s)
France 2 distributor(s)
Österreich 1 distributor(s)
Czech Republic 1 distributor(s)
Italia 2 distributor(s)
Switzerland 2 distributor(s)
Türkiye 1 distributor(s)
Chile 1 distributor(s)
Perú 1 distributor(s)
Magyarország 1 distributor(s)
Danmark 2 distributor(s)
Belgium 1 distributor(s)
United States 1 distributor(s)
Australia 3 distributor(s)