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Canon Sure Shot 115U II Date 35 mm

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Sure Shot
Sure Shot 115U II Date
製品コード :
Cameras which store devices on a replacable film such as 35mm film.
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製品名(詳細版) Canon Sure Shot 115U II Date 35 mm :
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Sure Shot 115U II Date

Canon Sure Shot 115U II Date 35 mm:
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Lightweight and compact, yet with a powerful 3x zoom, the new SureShot 115u II DATE can handle it all. With a range of shooting modes and a High Efficiency flash, taking quality photos is easy.

- Precision-crafted 38-115mm, 3x zoom lens
- Compact and lightweight
- Passive 3-point AiAF linked to the zoom
- 5 pre programmed (PIC) shooting modes
- High Efficiency Light Guide Zoom Flash
- Date imprint function

Convincing power, effortless quality.
Super zoom
Get close to the action with the SureShot 115U II DATE's powerful 3x
(38-115mm) zoom lens; and because this is a Canon, you know that only the very best lenses and the latest technology have been used. No matter what the magnification, you can be assured that all of your images will be crisp and clear

Compact and lightweight
The lightweight SureShot 115U II DATE doesn't compromise on quality - Canon's engineers have packed the compact body full of impressive features. You'll be able to take this powerful compact camera with you anytime, because a magical memory can happen without warning.

Compose your shots
Taking exactlythe shot that you want is a breeze with the SureShot 115U II DATE's passive 3 point AiAF system. Even when the subject of your photo is slightly off centre, the camera will adjust automatically to ensure that your image is focussed correctly. The camera allows you greater freedom in the composition of your images. With a closest focussing distance of just 45 centimetres, you'll be able to get close to capture even the smallest detail.

Great results
It isn't always a sunny day in the park, and often different conditions call for different exposure and focus settings. Which is why the SureShot 115U II DATE comes with five different picture modes. Chose from Action (for continuous in-focus shooting of moving subjects), Night Shot (flash for the subject and slow shutter speed for the background), Portrait, Close Up and fast response RT (real time). No matter what the situation, you will always be able to achieve perfect results. The SureShot 115U II DATE also comes with a date stamp, so you'll always remember when your pictures were taken.

Perfect illumination
Even when you are using the powerful optical zoom, all your subjects will be perfectly lit with the High Efficiency Light Guide Zoom flash. On other cameras, when the zoom is in use, the aperture of the camera gets smaller which reduces the effectiveness of the flash, but with the SureShot 115U II DATE, the flash is linked to the zoom of the lens so that the light can be focussed more intensely on the subject, maintaining perfect illumination.
サマリー(簡略版) Canon Sure Shot 115U II Date 35 mm:
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Canon Sure Shot Sure Shot 115U II Date, 35 mm, 25 - 3.200, 0.45 m, 2"- 1/440th, リチウム-イオン(Li-Ion), 107.2 mm
製品概要(詳細) Canon Sure Shot 115U II Date 35 mm :

Canon Sure Shot 115U II Date, Sure Shot. フィルムタイプ: 35 mm, フィルム速度セッティング (ISO): 25 - 3.200. 最短撮影距離: 0.45 m. カメラシャッター速度: 2"- 1/440th. バッテリーテクノロジー: リチウム-イオン(Li-Ion). 横幅: 107.2 mm, 奥行: 42.6 mm, 高さ: 60.2 mm

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フィルムタイプ *
35 mm
フィルム速度セッティング (ISO)
25 - 3.200
0.45 m
2"- 1/440th
107.2 mm
42.6 mm
60.2 mm
195 g
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